What We Read

Here is a growing list of some of the interesting posts, articles and videos we’ve found about life in Kuwait!

May 2013

Kuwait City Urban development 2030 (more)

Kuwaiti writer wins prize for writing

Maybe we’ll take our next visitors here

Music scene in Kuwait

Kuwait writing club (read writing from people in Kuwait)

Kuwait Underground (at Camp Arifjan)

Lykan Hypersport Car in Kuwait

Capital punishment laws in Kuwait

Executions in Kuwait (video, shows before & after)

These guys were too beautiful for Saudi

Marketing in Kuwait…

Kuwait is beautiful

English words derived from Arabic

Wasta & Greed

Kuwait is safe (according to Canada)

Teachers Vie for Overseas Postings

Kuwait Law: How much is your body worth?

Google Earth Kuwait Time Lapse

Kuwait Law: Rent

January 2013

February 2013

March/April 2013

See what we read in 2012.

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