February 2013

Muslim activists aim to reclaim the word ‘jihad’

February – A Distinguished Month for Kuwait (page 1)

Tweeter jailed for insulting Amir

Human Rights Watch report on Kuwait

National Guard units coming to Kuwait

2013 economic growth in Kuwait (NBK economic report)

Kuwait growth is slowing

If you don’t like it here [Kuwait] then GTFO (read the comments for more)

My city is a soldier

This picture of Kuwait is GORGEOUS!

The dilemma of Kuwait-expat marriage

BBC article on political climate in Kuwait

Thought Crime Kuwait 2013 (op-ed)

400 species of birds stop in Kuwait each year

Kuwait rights conditions deteriorated in 2012

Call for ban on Valentine’s Day

Holiday mood = traveling!

Speaking the language of plants [in Kuwait]

Kuwait leads the Arab world in freedom of the press

Getting ready for National Day w/ 25,000 flags!

The celebration we missed while in Greece (more herehereherehere )

An expat’s perspective of National Day Celebrations

Contributions of the wise leaders of Kuwait

Kuwait seeks to diversify income (it’s about time)

Kuwaitis ‘make’ more money (similar article)

US is Kuwait’s top supplier of goods

First Iraqi plane lands in Kuwait in 22 years

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