March/April 2013

Kuwait might write off $6 billion in citizen debt…

Eating habits & lifestyle in Kuwait must change

A super highway in Kuwait!

Some Kuwaitis like to recycle (a new program)

Stop Weeping and Wailing over Expats (Letters in response to article)

Kuwait can be quite beautiful and colorful!

A base jumper…in Kuwait (see videopictures & more pics)

Ministry crackdown on human trafficking

Kuwait forefront of countries in humanitarian field

The power might run out… (and here)

One Evening in Kuwait (video)

Kuwait ranked 4th unfriendliest country in world, article (contrary to popular belief)

Kuwaitis aren’t exempt from discrimination

Updated alcohol prices

Tourism sucks in Kuwait (surprised?)

There’s a lot of trash to pick up here

Most powerful Kuwaiti women 2013

Nothing Like Kuwait (original song)

360 views of Mutla Ridge (can’t wait to go!)

A peek inside Camp Arifjan (video)

Harlem shake at Camp Arifjan

Kuwait to segregate medical care (by nationality)

School in Ohio celebrates Kuwait National Day!

Proud 2 B Kuwaiti festivalarticle (map) Hopefully we can go next year!

Book to read

Real farms in Kuwait!

The traffic children

Public education in Kuwait

Kuwaitis face loyalty crisis

Debt relief & expats

Segregation in public medical clinics

Kuwait to cut expats by 100,000 annually

Whew! No taxes for at least 3 more years

Blaming expats for traffic problems

Sharp slowdown of growth in Kuwait

Discipline in Kuwait education 

Real-estate decline in Kuwait

Kuwait is accident prone

France vies for Kuwait market share

Cigarettes & youth in Kuwait

A Kuwaiti welcome to the new pope

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