Walking with Lissa

I wrote this post on Friday and then had technical difficulties with the video 🙂 You will now see why I posted a password protected post (see end of post).

Last night at the Halloween party Jeff and I drank very responsibility (i.e. nothing). We may or may not have eaten some very tasty desserts though 😉 That allowed us to wake up quite refreshed this morning! After an hour of lounging, I got myself motivated, made my green smoothie and headed out the door to the gym! We were busy with Halloween festivities so we skipped working out Wednesday and Thursday and I was determined to get my sweat on. I felt quite accomplished after attending BodyAttack 🙂 After the gym, I had a very important mission – buy an eyebrow ring! Mine completely feel out and was lost early last week. My 10-year old piercing was slowly getting closing up and I was having none of that. So…I headed to the mall (~20 min walk from the Corniche). I was successful in buying a pack of eyebrow rings…they are too big & ugly, but something is better than nothing! I also stopped at Bath & Body Works to check out their 3 candles for 12KD special.

It was quite successful, but I also ended up meeting a fellow American! When I walked in one of the employees was speaking with a very familiar accent. I think she heard my accent too and came over to talk to me. I smelled hundreds of candles (at least it felt like it) and had a pretty great convo with her! She has lived in Chicago for the last 6 years and is currently traveling the world visiting Bath & Body Works stores for the company. She is in Kuwait for 2 weeks by way of 3 weeks in Poland and several other cool places (I don’t remember them all). I can’t exactly put into words exactly what she does, but what I understood is that she visits stores outside the US and helps them do business more like the stores in the US. She said it’s been really interesting to visit different countries and see how different it is (culture, business, the stores). She also had good things to say about Kuwait which was good to hear! I think she’s most likely here to help with the opening of the new Bath & Body Works in Phase 3 of the Avenues. It opens next week and we’ll be eager to explore it once the hype dies down. The Kuwaitis love their malls!

The point of this post is that I made a video as I was walking around (from the gym to the mall, in the mall and back home).  I hope you enjoy sharing my walk!

Total Trip Distance: 2km + 3.3km = 5.3km (not including getting to the gym or my workout)
Total Trip Time: 2 hours (ditto to above)
Some things to watch for: fancy cars, the surprising (to me) number of motorcycles, crazy drivers, stores signs in Arabic (both outside and in the mall), our typical walk home from school…

Click here for the password you will need to watch the video. Click here to watch the video. Sorry for making you work…I want to share my walk but I also want to keep a certain level of privacy 😉

Some Entertainment

Hello all! We’ve had a GREAT few days of orientation (we have no idea what day it is or how long we’ve been here…our internal clocks are all messed up!)! We meet all of the new teachers and are pretty excited to get to know them even better (definitely some potential friends). Today was our first day of ‘real’ school with the entire staff. It was a little overwhelming but good to see how happy returning staff was to see each other. I (Lissa) agreed yesterday to temporarily teach 3 classes of French while they are looking for a new teacher (could be before school starts on September 4, could be through the first semester). Today we found out a lot of information about the iPad deployment and had quality time to meet with our colleague to start creating a job description and united front. We have lots of ideas for blog posts, but very limited access to the internet. We’ve also been kept busy, busy, busy the entire time we’ve been here (only minutes a day when we’re not occupied). Today starts a more ‘normal’ life & schedule and we’ll be ready to get our civil IDs and internet in the next couple of months.

While you are anxiously awaiting to hear more about our lives here…we were shown 2 videos during our orientation that we thought you’d enjoy. The first one is a brief history of Kuwait through a children’s performance – it is in Arabic and the chorus is (basically) “I love Kuwait” (love the chubby-face kid!). The second is a flash mob that occurred at one of the malls here (we’ve been there twice…nicer than any mall I’ve been to in the US!).