A random Crossfit competition

Yesterday morning Jeff and I were discussing what to do that afternoon. We weren’t really sure – it wasn’t nice enough to lay by the pool, we didn’t really want to sit at home & watch TV all day, we didn’t really want to work (everyone needs a day off). We thought about maybe walking somewhere to get food. Instead of making a decision, I headed to Body Pump. At the beginning of class, our instructor asked us if we were going to some battle Crossfit thing (I couldn’t really understand him). When I got home, I googled it. And found out that there was a pretty big competition happening at the Marina Crescent – Battle of the East. It had just started so Jeff and I hopped in a taxi to go check it out!


We stayed for about 2 hours and watched the competition. We were really surprised at how legit it was! They had really cool cameras that were able to get all angles off the competition area. There was a DJ who was up above the competition and when the camera was on him all you could see were beach, water & sky behind him. It wasn’t a nice day to lay at the pool but it was a perfect afternoon for watching an outdoor competition. Best of all – it was free to watch! Only thing I’m bummed about is that I didn’t buy one of the shirts.

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Getting in the (school) spirit

There were many exciting things going on at AIS this week! The high school has had dress up days. Tuesday was Twin Day! Jeff and I decided to participate…so we went though our closets on Monday night to see if we could find anything. We we able to throw a little something together 🙂


The activities this week have been leading up to the Forensic tournament this weekend that AIS is hosting. It is very similar to the volleyball tournament, but with different ‘sports.’ I had no idea what happened at Forensic competitions, so I had to do some investigating. Here is a little more info and here are some of the events. Jeff and I will again be hosting a coach, this time from Amman, Jordan. Hopefully we’ll be able to go to a couple events!

The other incredibly awesome thing this week was the Arts U: An AIS Arts Gala that took place last night. When I stopped by on my way home from the gym and grocery shopping, I had no idea what I was in for. It was fabulous, amazing, incredible…I can’t even describe how great it was! When you first walked into the lobby there was art on display and FOUR artists doing live art. One high school teacher was painting on a huge canvas while another HS art teacher was painting her paint.

Image Credit to L. Marek

There was a student painting a LIVE still life.

Image Credit to C. Botbyl

(That’s a person under there…)

Image Credit to C. Botbyl

(What part of that is real and what is painted? 😉

In the auditorium they had short plays every 30 minutes. In the foyer and tennis courts they had drama, monologues, improv, choirs, bands…they had it all! There was a maze of walls with Elementary art. Students from all grades participated and were able to show off their amazing work. It was beautiful. The atmosphere was perfect too. I think the main goal was to give students the opportunity to perform before the competition this weekend, but it was so much more than that. I hope it becomes a long-standing tradition!

Another thing that has made this week perfect…we found out that Abby will be returning to Kuwait with us in January! We don’t know the specifics of what she’ll be doing, but at minimum she will be substitute teaching (there are several maternity leaves available). She’ll live with us for the semester, sub, tutor…and just have a great experience! I CANNOT WAIT! 🙂

We’ve got more fun news coming this weekend…see you then!

Some Entertainment

Hello all! We’ve had a GREAT few days of orientation (we have no idea what day it is or how long we’ve been here…our internal clocks are all messed up!)! We meet all of the new teachers and are pretty excited to get to know them even better (definitely some potential friends). Today was our first day of ‘real’ school with the entire staff. It was a little overwhelming but good to see how happy returning staff was to see each other. I (Lissa) agreed yesterday to temporarily teach 3 classes of French while they are looking for a new teacher (could be before school starts on September 4, could be through the first semester). Today we found out a lot of information about the iPad deployment and had quality time to meet with our colleague to start creating a job description and united front. We have lots of ideas for blog posts, but very limited access to the internet. We’ve also been kept busy, busy, busy the entire time we’ve been here (only minutes a day when we’re not occupied). Today starts a more ‘normal’ life & schedule and we’ll be ready to get our civil IDs and internet in the next couple of months.

While you are anxiously awaiting to hear more about our lives here…we were shown 2 videos during our orientation that we thought you’d enjoy. The first one is a brief history of Kuwait through a children’s performance – it is in Arabic and the chorus is (basically) “I love Kuwait” (love the chubby-face kid!). The second is a flash mob that occurred at one of the malls here (we’ve been there twice…nicer than any mall I’ve been to in the US!).