Dentist & Loans

Today we went to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning. Although our school does not offer dental insurance, one the owners is a dentist. In partnership with the school, you can get a discount on dental services. Our teeth cleaning was only 7KD! As always it was fun to hear a new dentist talk about how amazing my teeth are (no braces, no cavities)…thanks mom & dad! The iSmile dental clinic does their cleaning with water and their polishing with air, much different than what we’re used to. Here is a picture of the view from the lobby…not bad!


Abby officially bought her ticket to join us in January! Today we went to the business office to get a loan to pay her back. All employees are allowed to take out a cash loan that is paid back evenly from the remaining paychecks. It still amazes me that I can go ask for 400KD and I have it in hand in cash within 24 hours. Life in a for-profit school 😉

We’ll be in the US Saturday!!

One thought on “Dentist & Loans

  1. I just went to the dentist and it was a good experience. The dentist isn’t as bad as I remembered it when I was a child. I had not been in a number of years but in Burlington, they seem to do a pretty good job.

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