…Nijumi (نجومي)!

When we moved to Kuwait, we had NO intention of getting a cat (we still love Noel…and she’s going to live forever). But then one of our friends rescued an adorable baby kitten and we couldn’t say no. We’ve had Nemr for almost 3 months. He’s bored out of his mind and uses us as chew toys. As we started getting closer to Christmas break and leaving him alone for almost 2 weeks (not to mention nearly 3 months in the summer), we decided we needed to find him a friend. Fortunately we found Nijumi (originally Sundari) on Saturday. Her new name means my stars in Arabic. She is about 3 months old (Nemr is 4 months) and has been fostered since the beginning of September. We said we’d foster her to see if she got along with Nemr. We kept them separate for 24 hours and after 48 they were playing together. Now, they’re practically besties!

We hereby vow that under no circumstances are we getting another cat. Please hold us to this promise. We will not become those people. Cross our fingers, hope to die. We have 3 cats in 2 countries. They were all born in August, all have names that start with N and all three are bilingual. We’re done 🙂