Beautiful People in Kuwait

Last night Jeff and I decided to venture to our bank. Our branch is in Salmiya and we needed to go to our home branch to do paperwork for our account. We knew about where the bank was but not exactly and couldn’t find it on Google maps. We risked finding a taxi on the street instead of calling our normal guy. The first 2 taxis didn’t know where our bank was either. Finally the 3rd guy seemed to know so we got in. When we got to Salmiya, he started pointing at every bank…”Bank?” He realized he had no idea where we were going! Once we were somewhere we recognized, we quickly got out of the taxi. We figured a Starbucks might have the most English speakers in it, so we went in to ask. The cashier didn’t really have any idea, but there was a customer who was incredibly nice and helpful! His English was pretty decent too! He took us outside and showed us where we should walk. We were a little surprised and incredibly grateful! Unfortunately, it wasn’t the exact branch we needed but fortunately one of our friends answered the phone and directed us to just walk a little further down the road…and we found it 🙂

After we were done with business at the bank, we decided to walk home. The Kuwaiti customer service employee who helped us (طه) walked outside with us to show us the way. He said that if we wanted to wait 30 minutes, he would be done with work and could just drive us. SO nice! We really wanted to walk, but were (again) surprised at his offer and thankful. We love that when you are kind, respectful and not judgmental people respond to you positively and are willing to help you 🙂

In other news…I’m teaching again. I have taken back 2 of the 3 French classes that I was teaching earlier this year. They are once again looking for a teacher. This time the search is for a French teacher only…so if anyone knows anyone, PLEASE send them our way! It won’t be an easy job, but it’s a job 🙂 I’m currently telling myself that I’ll be in this position until the end of the year…and just going so the the flow!

UPDATE: they hired someone Thursday afternoon for the French position! I taught my last grade 9 class today (Sunday) and tomorrow I’ll teach my last grade 10. I met that new teacher today and she seems great! She’s from France even 🙂 A GREAT start to the week!

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