World Record Breaking Fireworks

Last weekend was the 50th anniversary of constitution of Kuwait. It’s only natural that there was a full day of celebration on Saturday and that HH the Emir canceled school on Sunday. We stayed away from most of the happenings but did not want to miss the firework show. There were lots of rumors leading up to the evening and it did not disappoint! We watched the show from the roof of our 19 story building and had a pretty dang good view of 65 minutes of firework. The show was officially deemed the world’s largest firework display of all time with 77,282 projectiles! Although we enjoyed it immensely and we will never see anything like it again, we did ask ourselves “What else could you have done with $15 million?” We did hear that there were quite a few things we missed out on since we weren’t at the show – music, laser show, pictures, kites and more. However we did see the the planes that had fireworks on their wings (see photo below)! It wasn’t until the fireworks stopped and we could see the lights that we even knew what they were!

We took a gagillion of our own pictures and a short video. Click here to see them all.

There was a ton of publicity and professional pictures taken. Have fun browsing!
Watch the entire show
Photos from the fireworks show
New Guinness World Record set
Snapshots of the fireworks
The news made world headlines
Behind the scenes

And a couple videos (not done by us)!
Human emotions during the show:

Kite Flyers’ perspective:

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