BBQ Chickpea Pizza

Be mindful of the name here, that’s chickPEA, not chickEN. This one’s a meatless dish, a perfect choice for any of you who do Meatless Mondays. We borrowed this recipe from our friends at eatliverun, a blog that just happens to combine 3 of the things we enjoy doing the most. (Why did we not think of this name, you ask? Your guess is as good as ours. The prospect of the Layman pun was too much, I suppose.)

Things we would do differently:

– Substitute chicken for chickpeas on a day other than Monday
– Go easy on the barbeque sauce, as it easily overpowers the rest of the dish
– Cook the crust beforehand so it gets a little more crispy. The BBQ sauce made it a bit soggy.

That’s about it. This dish was awesome the way it was. We made it on a wheat crust because we were feeling extra healthy, but I’m sure it would taste just as good on a regular one too. If you have to pay extra attention to anything, do so on the carmelized onions. Make sure they’re good and carmel-y.

Today is my day off of running this week, and it’s too hot outside to live. Guess I better go eat!

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