(Healthy) Football Food

Tonight is the Big Game at the Big House. Our House will be quite tense. Once a year our hearts are on opposite sides of the field. We’ve both been fans since we were little so tonight someone won’t be happy. (If you have been under a rock, tonight is the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game. I ❤ Notre Dame and Jeff is a Michigan man.)

One thing we’ve always been able to agree on is what to eat on football Saturdays. Man Dip has been our go to since some friends introduced it to us. It’s 1lb burger, 1lb sausage, a can of Rotel and a brick of Mexican Velveeta. It’s become a tradition in our apartment, but this year I just can’t bring myself to make it. We’ve changed our diet significantly and one of the things that I’ve been enjoying most is experimenting with making healthy versions of food that we would normally eat. When I saw this recipe for Nacho Cheese Sauce, I thought I might just have a winner on my hands. It’s flavoring up in the crock-pot right now. I couldn’t wait so I grabbed a chip and tried it already. We’ll see what Jeff says when he gets home from the cross country meet. Hopefully this will be a tasty, healthy comfort food for us on this stressful day 😉