Epic Fail & A Success

We now only have 1 day of ‘freedom’ left! Jeff has been busy getting ready for 600+ students and teachers to receive and effectively use iPads in the next 2 weeks while I’ve been…shopping 🙂 I bought 4 pairs of shoes in 3 days. I think this means it’s about time to go back to school so I can’t be tempted!
As we’ve been exploring more with recipes from other blogs and tryin
g to be more conscious of what we eat (i LOVED my 4-week cleanse with Katie at Rooted Wellbeing), we’ve consumed quite a few amazing meals in the past week. Tonight, I’m sharing on of those meals along with a failed meal. Good news or bad news first? How about bad…
We were really excited when I found this Gazpacho recipe! I have been reading Jenna‘s blog for a couple months now and featured one of her meals last week. She has recently started blogging for the PBS Fresh Tastes Blog. We had almost everything in the fridge for this recipe and it has been HOT lately so we thought it would be perfect! Not so much 😦 The first bite was quite tasty, but the more we ate the stronger and more overpowering the red onion became. We put our soup back in the blender and added more lemon juice, V8 and anything else we could think of. Unfortunately, the leftover soup is still in our fridge until I’m brave enough to try it again. Jeff already had an aversion to red onion and this may just have sent him over the edge! So if you like red onion (lots!) or if you play around with the proportions, this could still be a good one for those hot summer nights. It’s pretty and tastes very fresh!

We definitely didn’t lose our faith and tried another of Jenna’s recipes. This time we were not disappointed! I love when I come across a new recipe in my reading and realize we have almost everything for it. This one was no different and we highly recommend this quesadilla for all occasions! We made a few small changes – fresh sauteed peppers and onions with spinach. Next time, I would add more chili powder…I like it spicy! But I think the pictures speak for themselves…


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