From nothing…to local!

WOW! We have been horrible at keeping our new year’s resolution to blog weekly! It appears that we aren’t motivated to do school work or blog 😦 We have, however, still been cooking! Most of these we can’t find the recipes for or we didn’t use recipes, but they are pretty simple but really tasty!

Steak & Bell Pepper Nachos
Mushroom & Ground Chicken Sauce over Grits

Pork Tenderloin with Avocado, Black Bean & Cilantro Salad
Spinach & Shrimp Pasta
Thai Curry Veggie & Tofu Soup

Asparagus & Chicken Stir-fry over Ramen Noodles

Some really fun things have also been happening around here. My Aunt Annie is trying to start a food business and we’re trying to help her on the internet/marketing end of it. She would cook meals for families and then freeze them. She is going to use local produce and wants to target busy families who care about their nutrition. We’ll let you know once we get it up and running!

Also, I (lissa) am starting a 7-day cleanse next weekend with Katie at Rooted Wellbeing. My mom is also going to be doing it with me and I can’t wait to get started! I’m sure it will influence how Jeff and I cook from now on.

Lastly, our CSA with City Roots starts this Wednesday! We’re really excited to start incorporating anything we get in our weekly boxes into our meals. It will be really fun to cook with whatever we happen to get. Maybe that will motivate us to start posting weekly! We’ll see how it goes 🙂

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