What we read in 2012

Marrige in Kuwait loses its sparkle

Local Marriages

FAQ: Marrying a Kuwaiti man

Car Prices (not that we plan on buying one!)

Drug Prices (again…not planning on purchasing any 😉

Tour Kuwait in 1 day

Tour Kuwait in 2 days

Tour Kuwait in 3 days

OMG! You have that in Kuwait?!

Shopping in Kuwait

Kuwait’s love affair with fast food

Obesity & Diabetes in Kuwait

Orphanage in Kuwait

Ministry sets rules for election coverage (way different than US!)

Government subsidies in Kuwait (and what will Gulf countries do when oil production drops)

Interview: Fatima Al Qadiri (composer from Kuwait who lived through Iraq invasion)

Kuwait is beautiful

Kuwait’s desert – a blooming nature reserve

Biodiversity: Not Just a Myth

We thought palm trees were only in SC…

A wish for peace in the Middle East

Should the US back Israel? (opinion article from Kuwait Times)

Once Upon a Veil

Sheep are expensive during Eid Al-Adha

Being a Christian, American in Kuwait (Sept. 2012)

An abundance of KG teachers in Kuwait

Youth & NGOs in Kuwait

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