January 2013

Christmas in Kuwait

What differentiates a Kuwaiti?

Who will fall first? (re: future & oil)

Kuwaiti brothers blend Arabic flavor w/ rap (see the video)

Homeless Kuwaiti Citizen

Kuwaiti jailed for insulting emir on Twitter

Kuwait not happy about US opinion on Twitter jailings

Kuwait does have free speech

We’ll be able to exchange things now!

Employees in Kuwait want a work-life balance

An expats look on the Kuwait economy

Can’t wait to go desert camping!

“I am Kuwaiti” – living stateless in Kuwait

HUGE budget surplus in Kuwait – US should be jealous!

Kuwait now recognizes ADHD

The problem in our country [Kuwait]

Do you know what’s nice about Kuwait?

What’s nice about Kuwait part 2

People miss Kuwait when they leave!

Are maids being enslaved in Kuwait?

Kuwaiti citizens have LOTS of debt!

Marriages w/ Expats

UN pays Kuwait war compensation

Kuwait – Gun facts, figures & the law

Kuwait Fireworks – making of

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