Obligatory current events post

First and foremost, we are safe. There was a peaceful demonstration at the US embassy Thursday night and when rumblings of escalation began the crowd immediately dispersed. Before we read about it in the paper this morning, we hadn’t heard anything about it. If we were oblivious to the news, nothing would seem any different. We are safe (mom, you reading this? 😉 ) Here’s another great article to read to understand the Arab point of view. Some blog posts to peruse (written by Americans in Kuwait) – MovingDesertGirl, Expat & the City.

Our official stance on the topic is something along the lines of this: in every population of people there are extremists (this includes the US, Christians and other populations around the world). They do not speak for the majority. We come from the majority and we live/work among the majority. If you want to “respond” to something, do so in a way that binds your culture with another, not in a way that may erode whatever is already in place.

Happy Friday to all of our western readers!

We made it!

Hi all! We made it to Kuwait! We are safe (maybe not so sound of mind). By the time we go to bed tonight we will have slept about 8 hours in 56 hours. We got to take a day trip to in Frankfurt and today we’re doing orientation stuff at our school. We’re still not really sure exactly what our jobs entail, but we’re excited and going with the flow. We’ll be trying to get online once a day (Insha Allāh) but only Jeff currently has access to his email…so don’t worry about us if we don’t get back to you right away 🙂