Feels a little more like home

Kuwait has slowly started to feel more like home. There are still days when we think “We live in Kuwait?! Crazy!” But those moments are getting few and far between. Our apartment is still quite bare, but we’re chalking that up to the fact that we’re trying to save money and we’d like to be here for several years…we’ve got time.

On Friday, I got a hair cut. It might seem a little silly, but finding a good salon and hair stylist makes a place feel more like home to me. Eden Salon & Spa was just what I needed 🙂 Mez did a great job of cutting my hair AND I even got my eyebrows threaded! The prices were reasonable and much closer to what I’m used to paying than some places here. For awhile it seemed that all the salons were either extremely overpriced (35KD) or under priced (5KD). Eden is just right (20KD for cut, curly style, threading & tip) and I quite enjoyed my experience! It was a little ‘welcome home’ moment just when I needed it most 🙂