Unexpected Holidays

Today is November 11th. As you can see in the calendar below, we should have only had 1 day of vacation since the beginning of school for the Eid break (have a post in the works about what we did!). We were told on October 18th that our that our 3-day weekend would be extended to include Sunday & Monday making it a 5-day weekend. A week and a half ago we were told that we would get Thursday, November 15th off for Islamic New Year. This morning at 6:30am we found out school was cancelled today by HH the Amir in honor of the 50th anniversary of the constitution (we had record breaking fireworks last night…post in the works for that too!).

Recap: Thanks to the Ministry and the Amir, we have gone from 1 day of vacation to 3. We worked a 3-day week, then a 4-day week, we suffered through a 5-day work week last week and now this week has turned into another 3-day week! Can’t complain about life too much 😉

A day of firsts

We are currently enjoying our first vacation. Eid Al Adha was yesterday…so we have a total of 5 days off school! We go back Tuesday 🙂 We took a day trip on Thursday and will share soon.

This morning we woke up to clouds…lots of them! Today was the first day since we’ve been here (9 weeks & 1 day!) that the weather has been mostly cloudy for most of the day! We had waffles and watched old-school morning cartoons with some friends downstairs – fun! I went to the gym for some yoga. When I walked out the door an hour later (1:15pm), I heard thunder for the first time since arriving. A couple minutes, the sky opened up for the first time and it rained! It rained hard for a solid 30 seconds and I got fairly wet… I couldn’t help but smile! It sprinkled and continued to thunder on and off on my way home, but I was mostly dry by the time I got back to our apartment. The day stayed cloudy with random sprinkles, thunder…and Jeff saw lightning – another first! Update: It’s 6:30pm and there is tons of lightning and thunder! That’s 5 firsts in one day…dang! 🙂

We’re really hoping that the rest of the day in the US goes well – we’d love to wake up tomorrow morning to a Tiger win over the Giants, a Notre Dame win over Oklahoma and a UofM win over Nebraska! Here’s hoping! Love & kisses to all 🙂

The crazy clouds that stayed the whole day!

The thunderstorm came…and went.