Apartment Improvements

We’re already over a month into year 5! We got back August 9, spent a couple weeks helping orient the new staff, prepping for the new school year and getting settled. Jeff had 2.5 weeks with students and we had 4 days of U14 Girls’ Soccer tryouts before Eid Al Adha. Today is our last day of a 9-day staycation (our longest ever) before we head back to school tomorrow.

During the break we’ve been able to get some things done around our apartment. We’ve slowing been improving our apartment since we moved to the 15th floor after our 1st year so this break we did a few more updates: two pendant lights, curtains in the bedrooms and a honeycomb shelf. Our apartment definitely feels like home ๐Ÿ˜ Come visit anytime!






4 thoughts on “Apartment Improvements

  1. Great to read that all is well. What a great experience. Congrats for living a life most of dream of doing. It seems like you are loving each year. MRMS Update for Jeff–Bradon has a new baby boy born a few weeks ago–Chromebook rocks after two years-no more iPads–two teachers have been chosen district teacher of the year back to back–new principal –A-type personality but major changes in student behavior. Different bell schedule makes hallway movement less hectic. Our 6th grade Magnet program share hall CFK Ele 5th graders. Things not perfect but much better than the nightmare you experienced. Keep rocking it in the Middle East. Always great to get an email hearing what great things y’all are doing๐Ÿค“

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