Getting sick abroad

(Not to be confused with “getting sick of abroad.” Sorry mom.)

Private school certainly has its perks.

For one, money gets spent on little stuff that makes life as a teacher that much easier; there’s always coffee brewing in multiple places around the campus, we have no limit on copying (color or black/white) and when you visit the nurse’s office she can shove all sorts of medication your way without any sort of payment.

As to who passed this particularly annoying ailment my way, I do not know. Several family members have apologized, but it’s more than likely the inordinate amount of time I spent outside geocaching when the temperature was single digits than some sort of airborne transmission by a loved one. Who knows.

Anyway, I’m on the way to feeling better thanks to a healthy dose of¬†antihistamines,¬† cold & flu relief, cough syrup, and nasal spray – all provided by the school nurse. For free.

Perks, man. Perks.