High Class in Kuwait

This post is about bathrooms. Specifically toilets. Nothing gross…but you’ve been told.

In the US, you have to pay good money to get a toilet with a heated seat and a water sprayer attachment. I had quite the encounter with one such electric bidet this summer at Dark Horse Brewery. Too bad I didn’t watch this video before getting silly enough to try it out on one of our weekly family trips.

In Kuwait, heated toilet seats and water sprayers come standard with almost every toilet in the country. When it’s consistently over 40°C and most of the bathrooms I use aren’t air conditioned…believe me the toilet seats are pre-heated for you! I’ve already mentioned the water sprayers. I know they are more hygienic…but I’m still the American not used to such extravagance.  Maybe sometime soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “High Class in Kuwait

  1. By the way, I ended up having a long conversation with an American friend about your blog post! I was basically remembering how I’ve had to explain (not demonstrate…) the water sprayer to a number of Americans and all the different reactions I got. The funniest one is “you’re nuts/are you calling me unclean?” but people are usually interested and ask questions.
    Although we’ll always find somebody else’s habits puzzling or unusual, I think healthy doses of curiosity and tolerance are absolutely necessary!
    On an unrelated note – the weekend is nearly here. Yay!

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